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reg: May 17, 2010

This Ass Gives A Poop is a free social network where users can ‘give a poop’ about charities and causes...simply by sharing content with others. Have a picture, thought or comment you want to put out there? Please put it on, the community where being “social” makes 1.1 cents every page impression for your choice of more than 20 charities from Canada, The US and UK. Some people call it Facebook with a conscience. The members of our community call it giving a poop freely, regularly and socially for the charity of your choice.

Added to in May 2010, “iGiveapoop” provides unsigned musicians with the opportunity to be discovered while directly bettering the world as well. By sharing their songs for free streaming (generating 1.1 cents each hit) or paid download (ranging from $.55 to $1.10 as determined by the artist, with 2/3rds going to the charities on Jack), unsigned musicians develop exposure and a following by moving up our “charts of good”, while their talents change the world. With the addition of iGiveapoop on, more people will learn that and now everyone can for the charity of their choice...freely, regularly, socially...and now musically.

For a series of upcoming blogs, we are looking to speak with musicians (preferably unsigned) who have used their talents to help promote or support a charity or cause.

Please send an email to stayintouch(at)jackthedonkey(dot)com and tell us about the event (was it on a campus, a rally, or organized fundraiser?) and/or means by which your music contributed to driving a cause forward. What motivated you to get involved? What was the outcome? Please also include a quick blurb about yourself and/or band to be included in our blog:


David (and @JackTheDonkey and @iGiveapoop) - do you? please join us and let the charities on know you do too...freely, regularly, socially and now musically