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Third Degree


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 1, 2014


Hey Toronto Canada and the rest of the world. Its your boy ( THIRD DEGREE ) representing the 416 & the 604. Raised in Vancouver B.C. I always had love for Hip-Hop Music, and now, I am making a name for myself One way or another here in Toronto. Being 26, its time to follow the dream, dream big, and make it happen. . Having a relentless work ethic, I hope to be a bonifide star. Ready to become Canadas Legendary Hip Hop Artist. Hard work brings results. If you have a good work ethic, great things will happen for you. I feel juiced up, ready to go. Ready to make this a career. Writing my own music, and finding the right instrumental to go along with it takes time, a lot of time to make that perfect line, perfect song. Learning from other peoples mistakes, including my own has made me rise above all other artist. Yesterday is gone, and you cant rewind what you did or how you did things, so do it right today for a better tomorrow. I want people to know what I can bring to the table. Fans, record labels, and definitely myself. Im learning new things, its hard not to, but learning and registering it is two different things and I have both on the lock down. I feel good about my upcoming projects, and will have a c.d. out soon. Masterpiece takes time, and I want all of you to enjoy what your listening to. I listen to new and old hiphop to help my mind stay sharp. From Bone Thugs, to UGK, 8 Ball and MJG. Future, and A$AP Ferg.