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Kayla Dunn


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 13, 2014


Kayla Dunn is a soulful yet intimate sounding Indie/Folk artist based in the city of Toronto, where she has performed at various venues such as Rancho Relaxo, The Rivoli, Aspetta Café, and The Opera House. With roots in musical theatre, growing up in Windsor Ontario Kayla expanded into playing at clubs and bars in the local music scene there. Her influences range from 60’s icon Janis Joplin to modern day artists such as Feist and Grimes, although she does not limit her musical inspirations to one specific genre. Kayla has been working on her upcoming EP ‘Fields’ for about a year, having written and composed all 5 original songs. With the essence of the EP having a carefree, flowing vibe, the hit single “Black Cat” is no different. Black Cat draws upon Kayla’s experience of leaving a long-term relationship and breaking free into finding herself, gaining a limitless perception of her world. What to expect for the future? This won’t be the last you hear of Kayla Dunn, with her full EP FIELDs just released and more performances around the city, Kayla’s raw, passionate music is ready to be shared with the world.