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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
member since: Apr 24, 2009


Frank Merante “Nobody’s Hero” Born in Toronto, raised in Niagara. It wasn’t until 1997, that I started playing and immediately fell in love with playing guitar. A few short years later I started writing, and haven’t stopped ever since. Dubbed as “ A Song writing machine “ My passion comes from deep inside, a fire that keeps burning and won’t stop until the world knows who I am through my music and my message is heard. With songs like “ What Are We Gonna Do” & ‘What’s Gone Wrong” “ Taxman, Taxman” have got me on radio in the Tri- Cities. “ We live in different times, It’s a crazy world out there. Sure there are happy times, It’s the tragic times I can’t deal with. With so much pain & heartache in the world, why do we continually hurt one another.

Frank is currently seeking a Professional Artist Manager and is promoting his music to film and television companies. He is also seeking talented musicians... a guitar player, bassist and an aggressive (heavy) drummer to start playing live venues in the United States.