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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 3, 2006


Rhythmicru has quickly become one of the most talked about hip hop acts to emerge out of Canada. A must see for conscience hip hop fans, they tear up stages and charm crowds with their blend of energy, enthusiasm and talent.

The independently released 2004 Open Canvas EP, and Roxton Chronicles show the strength of their ideas in two solid albums. Mid-'90s-influenced beats, catchy melodies and tight lyrics.

Consistently growing in popularity, their fan support has evolved into an underground cult following. Thankful for the support they have received, Rhythmicru are intent on keeping their fans intrigued with a brand new project - Supertoke Mixtape vol.1. This 26 track album is an assemblage of music recorded in 2005. Produced entirely by in-house producer D-Ray. This latest project is the cru’s strongest work to date.

With the intention of global circulation international distribution is the current focus.