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Brian Gladstone

Folk/Modern Bluegrass

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Where Does One Begin to
Describe Brian Gladstone?
Toronto singer /guitarist Brian Gladstone is a finger-picking guitar master, a prophetic lyricist, a philosophical story-teller and a dynamic performer. The man is such an anomaly on the side of modern music; a self-propelled master of folk, a throwback to days when music was simpler, yet somehow more touching. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter is an early Bob Dylan, a guitar wizard on par with Jesse Cook, and a lyricist who can evoke a plethora of emotions with a single song. Brian's particular way of seeing things through irony and old time approach reminds me of great artists as John Prine, Dave Van Ronk, and Mississippi John Hurt. He is their own true son and he continues their great sounds.