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Free Listings for Ontario Music-Related Businesses!

overhear is a website devoted to indie music in Ontario, Canada with business resource listings for the benefit of artists. Music businesses and organisations of help to music artists get a free listing. Check the artist resources section of the site to see where you fit in. If you're not listed, or your listing needs to be updated, just click on the 'Add/Update a listing' link on the appropriate page to send overhear your info.

If you're a club owner or booking agent, go here for information on free and paid advertising services specifically for live music venues.

Paid Targeted Advertising

Banner Rates
$5 per 1000 ad impressions
This price applies to all standard ad sizes.

$2.00 per 1000 ad impressions
This price applies to left and right column button ads (120/125/160 x 60 pixels) attracts independent musicians and fans of indie music; mostly from Ontario, Canada. Advertisers can target either or both of these groups, and can place advertising on areas of the site best suited to their products or services. Live music venues can even target site visitors by their area of interest within Ontario.

Advertising Options sells advertising space on a CPM (cost per 1000 ad impressions) basis. You can purchase impressions to be spread over the time period of your choice - whether it's a week-long "blitz" or a multi-month campaign. You can also mix the ad sizes and decide how often each one is seen compared to the others. If you want to update your ad(s) at any time during your run, it's as easy as emailing overhear the new creative - the new artwork can be in rotation within 24 hours.

Ad Sizes
Advertising space on this site supports a variety of ad sizes and formats, and advertisers can use any combination to reach your audience.

  • 728x90 pixels (leaderboard - full site availability)
  • 468x60 pixels (standard banner - full site availability)
  • 120x600 pixels (skyscraper - left and right columns)
  • 160x600 pixels (wide skyscraper - right column only)
  • 300x250 pixels (medium rectangle)
  • 125x125 pixels (small cube)
  • 200x200 pixels (medium cube)
  • 120x60 pixels (top of left and right columns)
  • Media Formats
    All ad sizes support the following image formats: GIF, JPG and PNG. also supports Macromedia FlashTM.

    Ad Delivery

    All targeted ads on will appear above the fold (or above the scroll) on browsers viewed on a monitor set to at least 800x600 pixels. To get the most out of your advertising campaign, can tailor the delivery of your ads. You can specify a start and end date for your campaign, or leave it open-ended by specifying a maximum for daily impressions. Further control can be achieved by specifying an amount of time before the site visitor can see the same ad again, or even capping the number of times a visitor can see any particular ad.

    Advertising Campaign Statistics
    Each advertiser has access to complete statistics for their campaign through a user-friendly interface. Reports can also be emailed to you on a regular basis throughout your campaign.

    Setting up an Advertising Account

    If you have further questions about advertising on or you'd like to set up an account, contact ken via email at

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