sdr studio, 170 Brockport dr suit 202, Etobicoke, ON

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sdr studio MAP

170 Brockport dr suit 202
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9W 5C8
(416) 674-0699 phone

contact : rocky coombs
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Located in Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada, SDRstudio is a professional digital recording facility featuring a Mitec Vary Desk System 24-track 32 bus Mixer DA-88 modular digital multitrack recording decks, a Mackie 32-Channel 8-Bus Mixer with six auxiliary buses, numerous outstanding effects and signal processors, Alesis Monitor Two three-way midfield monitoring as well as Event 20/20 monitor and the ever popular NS. The world renown software Protools on a Digi 002 rack enabling you to work at SDRstudio easily. The result is pristine, superior digital audio with an organic warmth generated by the Main Room, isolated studio room and a full professional complement of premier brand microphones including Neumann, AKG, Audio Cad, and Shure.