Waking Life Studios, 1162 Concession Road 7, Palgrave, ON

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Waking Life Studios MAP

1162 Concession Road 7
Palgrave, Ontario
L0N 1P0
(905) 914-1032 phone
(905) 936-1032 phone

contact : Dayne Polny, Elaine Polny
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Tired of paying crazy rates to get your songs recorded only to have them sound like what the Engineer wanted and not what YOU wanted? We'll you found the right place! At Waking Life Studios we pride ourselves in providing high quality recordings without the high price. We offer a very relaxed atmosphere and our studio is equipped with everything you need including unique acoustical qualities attributed to our studio being on the top floor of a hip roofed barn! This will help your recordings stand out from the other guys basement!

Hourly rate: $30

Day Rate: $250 (that's a 10 hour day)

Best Deal: $400 (10 hour day of recording and I will mix anything you get recorded in that day)

Some equipment you'll get to use!:

Pearl Session Studio 5 piece all Birch shells
- Zildjian K custom session crash18"
- Paiste 2002 medium crash 16"
- Ludwig Black Beauty Piccolo Snare
Ibanez Prestege guitar
Mesa Stilletto Trident Deux Guitar Head
Z guitar cab with Celestion gold speaker
MXL Genesis vocal tube condenser
Personus StudioLive mixer
Universal Audio Solo 610

For more visit: www.wakinglifestudios.com/recording_studio_equipment

More info please visit: www.wakinglifestudios.com