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60 Heath Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 2B8
(905) 889-4049 phone
(905) 889-4049 fax

contact : Kent Poon
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High End 24BIT/192Khz CD/DVD Mastering:

  • Weiss Engineering "DS1-MK2" with double sampling De-Esser / Compressor / Limiter.
  • Weiss Engineering "DAC-1" with 192Khz sampling DAC
  • Z-system Custom "z-Q2" stereo digital mastering equalizer
  • Z-system Custom "Digital Detangler" - digital audio router & distributor
  • POW-r "Psychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength Reduction" algorithm 24bit -> 16bit conversion
  • Meridain 518 Digital Audio Processor - 5 Noiseshapes for wordlength reduction
  • Waves Gold Bundle & Sonic Timeworks software based processors in 64bit floating point precision
  • Focus Audio MultiChannel Series MT-1 loudspeaker
  • Westlake BBSM Monitor with Sub-woofer for 60Hz below
  • Tannoy SGM-10B with custom cabinet & crossover
  • Pioneer 9601 96kHz Digital Audio Tape Deck
  • Lightspeed ISO9600 electricity power filters
  • NBS cable for subwoofer section
  • Cardas Golden Reference cables for all analog signal and monitoring path
  • Cardas Neutral Reference digital cables throughout the whole digital signal path