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8 entries found in Richmond Hill, Ontario
Honest Lawyer Restaurant MAP

115 York Boulevard
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3B4
(905) 886-5879 phone

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Honey's Beestro MAP

8763 Bayview Ave
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3V1
(905) 597-5103 phone
(905) 597-5108 fax

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60 Heath Street
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 2B8
(905) 889-4049 phone
(905) 889-4049 fax

contact : Kent Poon
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High End 24BIT/192Khz CD/DVD Mastering:

  • Weiss Engineering "DS1-MK2" with double sampling De-Esser / Compressor / Limiter.
  • Weiss Engineering "DAC-1" with 192Khz sampling DAC
  • Z-system Custom "z-Q2" stereo digital mastering equalizer
  • Z-system Custom "Digital Detangler" - digital audio router & distributor
  • POW-r "Psychoacoustically Optimized Wordlength Reduction" algorithm 24bit -> 16bit conversion
  • Meridain 518 Digital Audio Processor - 5 Noiseshapes for wordlength reduction
  • Waves Gold Bundle & Sonic Timeworks software based processors in 64bit floating point precision
  • Focus Audio MultiChannel Series MT-1 loudspeaker
  • Westlake BBSM Monitor with Sub-woofer for 60Hz below
  • Tannoy SGM-10B with custom cabinet & crossover
  • Pioneer 9601 96kHz Digital Audio Tape Deck
  • Lightspeed ISO9600 electricity power filters
  • NBS cable for subwoofer section
  • Cardas Golden Reference cables for all analog signal and monitoring path
  • Cardas Neutral Reference digital cables throughout the whole digital signal path
  • London Pub MAP

    9724 Yonge St
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    L4C 1V9
    (905) 508-2770 phone
    Lydian Sound MAP

    60 West Wilmot Street, Unit 21
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    L4B 1M6
    (905) 709-0141 phone
    (905) 709-0143 fax

    contact : Alison Steinhart
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    The best tracking room in the city has an unparalleled live room, and four additional iso booths overlooking the live area. This world class 3000 sq. foot fully floated design has excellent sightlines, custom headphone cue mixing system, RFZ control room, and the finest outboard gear available anywhere.

    Plus Protools HD 192, Studer 827, NEVE, API, GML, etc.

    Rates starting as low as $65/hr (with engineer).

    St Louis Bar And Grill MAP

    10620 Yonge St
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    L4C 3C8
    (905) 780-0183 phone
    Stickman Records Inc. MAP

    85 West Wilmot Street, # 14
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    L4B 1K7
    (905) 889-6333 phone
    (905) 889-5840 fax

    contact : Greg Zwarich
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    genres: House, Techno, Dance, Drum N Bass, Hip Hop

    artists: Paul Jacobs, Soul Grabber, Funk 198, Paranoid Jack, The Stickmen, Freaky Flow, MC Flipside, Mitch Winthrop, Nick Holder, Troy Brown, Greg Greene, Hollis P. Monroe, Vince Ailey, Julius Papp, Jamie Lewis, Daniel Spencer, Joe Montana, M1, Jinnx Records.

    Xolotl Enterprises MAP

    #35 - 8675 Bayview Ave
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    L4B 3M5
    (416) 822-4450 phone

    contact : Ross Carter
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    A mobile, digital recording service for multi-track demo recordings or live off the floor recordings using an exclusive recording technique that lets you hear your performance from the perspective of the audience! I come to your gig and record your live set in a room full of your fans - a great live recording for helping to get future gigs, as the booker gets to hear exactly what your audience hears!
    For demo recordings, I come to your rehearsal space and record where you are most comfortable making your music - no hauling your gear around and no studio clock that starts the minute you walk in the door. You can warm up while I get ready to record without using up your recording time. Rates are per song or by 2, 4, 6 or 8 hr blocks of time. Demo recordings can be mixed down and burned to CD with at least 3 different mixes of your song or you can have a board mix dumped to cassette, DAT or your hard drive and save the mix-down fee. CDs are usually ready within 10 days for both live and demo recordings.
    References are available and MP3 sample can be sent by e-mail. Call or e-mail for pricing.