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Wendy Leung


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Mar 22, 2005

Songs you can dance and cry to!

Toronto singer-songwriter Wendy Leung embraced music at a remarkably young age, following in the virtuosic footsteps of so many of her nation’s iconic tunesmiths. A background in classical piano and an astute lyrical sensibility marked her formative musical upbringing.

Wendy’s first full-length, A Place To Start (2000), featured the emotional, stripped down outpouring of a solo pianist bearing her soul and finding her voice. This Time (2003), her second self-produced release, saw the introduction of a fuller instrumental scope and the maturing of the artist’s distinct pop sensibility.

The spring of 2008 saw the release of Wendy’s third album, Stop/Start. Recorded at Chemical Sound with her band, Stop/Start pulses from beginning to end with raw emotion and a searing blend of piano, vocals and an expansive instrumental foundation. At turns warm and poppy or intimate and profound, Stop/Start hums with the songwriter’s sweet harmonies and vibrant, catchy arrangements.

Now, armed with all-new songs, an all-new band and a few new instruments, Wendy is ready to take on another record, one that will capture ventures into rock and synth pop.

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