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Six Satellite


Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
member since: Jul 5, 2009


Six Satellite ~ The History of the Band

Six Satellite was formed on the basic principals of all rock legends that came before them: to play crazy, loud rock ‘n’ roll and put off a high energy live show.
Rob Gillard one of the founding members of the band has had a life time of music. Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s Canadian rock scene, Gillard has been playing professionally since the age of 13, touring around Canada, sharing the stage with such hit toppers as Kim Mitchell, April Wine, Jann Arden & Trooper to name a few.
From a young age, Gillard had the opportunity to produce and work with such Canadian icons as Tommy Hunter, Rita McNeil and even Mr. Dressup. Producing quickly became Gillard’s passion which led him to open up his own recording studio and media company Big Bully Productions and Records Inc. His company went on to produce such national events as the 1999 Canada Winter Games and the renowned independent live rock production of the 2003 Wireless to the World, a concert that was televised live, around the world via the internet from Mile 1 Stadium. It had so many viewers log on at once it caused a temporary shutdown of 3 major servers and received over 1 million viewers in total.
After receiving original music movie placements with Shoemaker Productions in Burbank, California for the international movie festival, Gillard teamed up with current band mate and writing partner Lloyd Gardener.
Gardener was tiring of playing covers of other peoples music so he decided to start writing and performing his own tunes in a band called Moses Goat. In 2005 the band approached Gillard to record a demo. Gillard liked what he heard and saw in Gardner. It was a match.
Over the next couple of years they formed a well known alternative acoustic duo called Twelve Mile House. The band performed 180-200 shows a year. With both Gillard and Gardners love for performing and discipline for writing Six Satellite was born.
While creating a new sound for the Six Satellite record the guys graced the stage with Canadian rockers Thornely and Sam Roberts. 2006-2007 was a busy year for the duo as they spent 6 months writing, recording and producing in a studio in Nashville, Tennessee. During their stay in Nashville, Gillard and Gardner had the opportunity to record and track with great performers, like award winning fiddle, mandolin, steel player and producer Hank Singer, who performs and works with country legends Lee Ann Womack, Travis Tritt and George Jones. This visit also gave the guys the opportunity to spend time with prominent producers, David Z (Early U2), and music industry elite Joe Meter, who was also one of the original members of the Jimmy Hendrix Experience.
Six Satellite is known for their distinct tribal percussion, ripping melodic guitars and the inventive bond between Gillard and Gardeners vocals. Their witty stage antics, rambunctious interactions with the audience and crowd pleasing choice of covers make for a classic, bum shaking, head banging rock ‘n’ roll show.
The formation of Twelve Mile Music Group will allow the band to raise the bar in both their writing and live performances, by inviting additional musicians (cellists and percussionists) and back up singers to perform on stage and in the studio.
The touring members of Six Satellite include: Rob Gillard (guitar/percussion/vocals) and Lloyd Gardener (guitar/vocals), as well as, Drummer/Vocalist Darryl Perret and Bassist/Vocalist Steve Lodge.
Six Satellite is currently in the studio recording their debut record, currently untitled, set for release on their 2009 Canadian tour.
“It’s a great feeling to collaborate and put together a rockin’ live show and see the peoples’ reaction to it. They deserve it….that’s who you’re doing it for. You just never know how far we’ll go…Its all about having FUN!”
Six Satellite