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Sacha Talens

Pop Rock Tetris Punk

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jul 20, 2012


Sacha Talens is a young Spanish-Canadian born in Montreal (QC) in the mid-eighties (proving BTW that he still is kind of young). A quasi-notorious cosmopolitan, he has lived in various countries such as Ireland, England, Spain and France, and presently resides in Canada. He started writing songs in his young teens and played bass with several bands until he decided to go solo in the late 2000's. His distinct baritone and his mix of seemingly aberrant influences (punk and classical music? seriously ?) eventually led him to get signed to BMG Rights Management in 2010. Besides collaborating with like-minded artists in several countries, he's preparing a new collection of songs that will be released sometime around the end of 2012.