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Need You Now
02:23 160kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3u'Need You Now' is an upbeat country-pop song from 'Amber Glow'ADD
Goin' Down
04:06 160kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3u'Goin' Down' is a slow electric blues from 'Amber Glow'.ADD
Don't Know Nothing 'Bout Love
02:55 160kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3u'Don't Know Nothing 'Bout Love' is from Pennan Brae's 3rd release, 'Early Rise'.ADD
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Singer-Songwriter & screenwriter of @TheAstronot 👩‍🚀 film 🎥 & soundtrack. Currently on the film festival circuit 🚀
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  • @bernardom @TheAstronot That’s a big honour, Gilberto; thanks. You summed up the essence of music exquisitely! 👍
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  • RT @bernardom: Morning early bike 🚲 ride, music 🎧 by @Pennan_Brae , keeps you going and going 💦💥❤️…
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  • @bernardom @TheAstronot Many thanks for listening, Bernardo; it’s an honour to provide you some music to listen to…
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  • RT @TheAstronot: The Finger Lakes are a beautiful spot this time of year🍁! The Astronot feels lucky to have the chance to take part in the…
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  • Boo👻! The trailer ( for @TheAstronot 👨‍🚀 is an Official Selection at the @MHorrorFest & Sci…
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  • Off to Cottage Country🏕! @TheAstronot 👨‍🚀 screens at the @GHOperaHouse 🎥 Oct 18, 8:45pm, part of the 5th Muskoka In…
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  • Pennan Brae

    Pop Rock

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    member since: Jun 9, 2009


    There is a lot of success in finishing something and enjoying the moment of how all of the parts came together. I get a lot of satisfaction in that.

    Hailing from the east coast of Canada, singer-songwriter Pennan Brae ( has carved out an incredible niche for himself as a truly independent music artist. Making his own way with his talent and passion as a guide, he has achieved a level of success normally reserved for artists with a team of executives pulling the strings. For Pennan, there was no compromise when it came to his art, it has been an obsession for as long as he can remember; he always knew he wanted to play music, and have the ability to express the emotions that were driving him.

    As Pennan prepares to take his new music on the road, he is excited about what these ten tracks will mean to his fans. From the opener, On the Highway to the moody Goin Down to If I Lose You with its poignant harmonica break, and the lilting Anyways, which highlights Pennan's gorgeous piano playing, Turquoise is all part of the fantastic journey he began when sitting for lessons as a boy. Like any songwriter, its an honor for people to enjoy my music. I would love even more people to hear the songs I write and record. Todays marketplace, and the Internet, makes it easier to remain an independent artist and being your own boss is every ones dream. Being a musician can be a hit and miss business, but that makes it very exciting. You never know whats going to happen next.