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Peace and Love Heidi

Singer / Songwriter

Brantford, Ontario, Canada
member since: Mar 24, 2013


My name is Peace and Love Heidi... Canadian Campfire Singer to the Stars... Singing for Tree Huggers... Star Gazers... and Eco-Retro Romantics. I have written 42 original works which are written in all different genres... whenever I ask someone what I play in terms of a genre... no one seems to be able to answer the question... nonetheless, these pieces of work are about Peace, Love, Healing and Canada!!! :) Perhaps you could consider me a modern day Stompin' Tom without the Stompin...or being "country"... although I have written one "country" tune to date ;) The originals works I have written are a collection of earth prayers... initmate love songs... modern day campfire songs for children of all ages... and ethereal theatre like pieces for those in soulful transition... I have written enough really good material for 8 eps and continue writing with the goal of touring Canada and abroad and ultimately having all of my music weaved into a "Mama Mia" like first class stage production with a full orchestra. I do not at present have a website or a band... as I am not computer savvy... but you can you tube me... and see my debut performance opening for Valdy... I have also opened for Russell deCarle of Prairie Oyster... which was a huge honour... but no footage... sorry peeps. I am in pursuit of a band and am looking for a lead guitarist, rhythm section, bass player and hand drummer/percussionist. If you are interested in connecting in order to collaborate musically, please contact me at: or facebook me: Cedar Heidi Rose. I have a few songs posted from my debut show opening for Valdy youtube: peaceandloveheidi. Having said this, this show was 7 months ago and I have grown substantially as an artist and musician since. Serious and dedicated enquiries only please... as music is my duty to our Creator our incredible plaent and humanity. Please note: all of my performances are a tree planting initiative with my goal being to plant 10,000 trees this year. I have a children's video to be released shortly by the name of Two Trees which I intend to have circulated in schools, hospitals and such across Canada... You can see a criptic video of the song performed in our living room on line. I also have an anti-bullying song and an anti-substance abuse song for children....original gospel and Christmas music and although my material is suitable for ALL radio stations including rock, country, and mainstream pop... I was recently approached by a Christian radio station to play Shadows of the Sun and Waiting for You. Other audence favorites to date include: Two Trees, Forest Valentine, Mystical Magical Moon, Time is a Butterfly, Hide from the World, Sparks are Gonna Fly, Leap of Faith, 10,000 Blessings and River and Blue Crystal Sea. Thank you for your interest in my work... Peace and Love to all beings!! Namaste, Cedar Heidi Rose