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World Wide (Prod. By GRIMZz)
04:19 160kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3uThis was our first ever Collaboration with The U.K. Producer "GRIMZz"ADD
"Get Drunk Tonight" (Prod. By Exadus)
02:46 128kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3uOur First Collaboration with The Canadian Producer "Exaduz"ADD
:"GRIND" (Prod. By Mistapool)
04:11 128kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3uA Track off Our Upcoming Album "Life Of Krhyme" Which is Being Fully Produced By "Mistapool" from Belarus.ADD
"The Microphone" (Prod. By Mistapool"
03:31 128kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3uA Track off our Upcoming Album "Life Of Krhyme" Prudced By "Mistapool".ADD
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Krhyme Syndicate


Aurora, Ontario, Canada
member since: Aug 16, 2010


Its KRHYME SYNDICATE, SPLIFF MCGRIFF & DAWTEE, Two of the dopest up and coming artists from the underground. They bring an impressive live show wherever they go, and are continue to produce consistant sickness in the booth.

Spliff McGriff Iz An Mc Who Writez The Best Lyricz When He Blazes The Best Weed. Writing Since he was 15 he has developed a razor sharp flow with the ability to make you visualize the detailed lyricz that he is rhyming. Growing up With constant run inz with the law, and was on probation from 15 to 20 for various chargez. Which iz why most of his rhymez have lines aimed at the police. Every time thingz were looking up for Spliff, sumthing bad would happen cauzing him debt or time in a cell. But His will to keep going iz the drive that he uses in hip hop, and he is determined to go to the top and won't stop untill he does. With An Amazing Work Ethic And A Down 2 Earth Mentality Spliff McGriff Iz Quickly Making A Name For Him Self In The Canadian And U.K. Hip Hop Scene.

Born and raised in the rural perimeter of King City, a michievious upbringing and exuberant behaviour are what round this local artist to become the lyrical fiend that stands before you. Living on the streets in his late teens, showed him the grizzly truth to the bitter world, and pointed him to his written words. Also picking up the skill of freestyle by way of random encounters with other young talent, MD, or 'Dawtee' emerged from the inner dwellilngs of this artist. Raw punchlines and vivid metaphors are abundant, which compliment the original production done by, Krutty Ranks, Trakillaz. Dawtee is a founding member of Krhyme syndicate with Spliff McGriff.