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Until the Train Comesmp3m3uDarkness is seeping through the cracks, and I'm forcing myself to board the train, to move on. ADD
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Putting Scripture to Contemporary Worship Music, Starting with the #Psalms
  • Is there any reward for being #righteous? Is there a God who judges on earth? Psalm 58 Song
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  • A little Christmas adlib - O Tannenbaum played on the piano
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  • RT @sammy_xo3x: if you use music to cope with anxiety, depression or any other mental illness (like me) retweet please, I'm trying…
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  • I love this old carol - it's one of the Christmas songs you hardly ever hear, but it's beoootiful!
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  • I liked a @YouTube video [Free Download] Falling Snow Realistic Overlay Loop
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  • Do you have any reasons to give thanks? #givethanks
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  • This little town might get you into the the spirit!
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  • Jason Silver

    Pop Piano Pop/Rock

    Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    member since: Apr 7, 2006

    Crap, The Piano's on Fire!

    Jason Silver's style is piano rock-- It's a mix of Marc Cohn (Walking in Memphis), Bruce Hornsby (The Way it Is), The Fray, (How to Save a Life) and Five For Fighting (Superman). Think Billy Joel meets Sarah McLachlan.

    Silver is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, specializing in piano, but also skilled in guitar, bass, drums, and other instruments. He's been a full-time professional musician since 1993, working with a range of highly-regarded studio session players, Canadian artists like Johnannes Linstead and Night Sun, Broadway musicians in New York city, and even arranged and written music for the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, in Kingston,