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Rags to Riches
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Falling Manic


Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
member since: Sep 30, 2009


Born from the desire to simply create music free from limitations, Falling Manic has an exciting, dynamic sound that knows no boundaries. Although proud of its roots and each band member's past musical influences, Falling Manic refuses to be bound by any particular genre of music. The focal point of the band is to explore the power and dynamics of music and emotion and deliver it in a way that explodes into its audience. The collective effect of the words and music are powerful, providing a different journey for each member of the band and audience alike, but a journey that is undeniable and one which uncovers all of the emotions of life and life's many experiences.

Falling Manic has managed to capture the feel and free raw emotion that can only be found with the right individuals, who allows the freedom to be nothing but a true collection and reflection of each of the band members. By allowing that attitude to grow and flourish, Falling Manic has created a power that you can't help but feel a sonic assault of energy and emotion which uncovers some of the powerful emotions we face in day to day life. Falling Manic combines all of that emotion and power into a musical journey that can be felt as well as heard within the words and music.

Formed in March of 1999, FacePlant was the original band, making their first album FacePlant. Due to trade mark issues with the name FacePlant, they changed the name to Falling Manic. Along the way they have endured many lineup changes going through numerous drummers and vocalists. The band then decided to build a professional recording studio within their rehersal space. Once complete, the band produced their first album. Upon completion of that, they then self-produced a music video of their hit “Pain”. Now with exceptional chemistry and respect, the current members Dwayne, Pat, Steve and Darryl, are intent on making a solid, firm and unforgettable music impression on those that take the time to listen. With a continuous growing fan base, and many shows and recordings in the works, FALLING MANIC is definitely heading towards huge success.