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Ocean Demise (Firewall)
04:49 160kbps 44.1kHz STEREO
m3uDave Johns on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. The band was called Firewall and this song was recorded in 1997ADD
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David Johns


London, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 28, 2009


Originaly from Niagara Falls and now living in London, ON. I have been playing guitar since the age of 6 and began performing and writing in my early teens. Over the years I have been in many Cover and original projects and have spent much time on stage and in studio. I began singing when I was around 19 and started taking vocal training all be it short lived. I continued to sing and front many bands as Lead vocal and Rhythm guitar and as a major contributor to the writing process. I am now 34 and at the moment I am solo but looking for that right band to gel with. I have gained a deal of experience in the art of Recording and have been recording my own work at home, ONLY it's not the same as writing with a band and that is something I prefer to do.
I have Pro Gear and a Pro sound, I am not a Volume Hog and prefer to hear the whole mix and not just my guitar