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Bella Clava


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 23, 2010


Bella Clava is an independent hard rock band from Thunder Bay, Ontario. The band is currently residing and playing all over Toronto, Ontario Canada. Bella Clava is Caitlin Dacey (keys, organ, guitar, vocals) Steve Suttie (guitar, vocals) Scott Hannigan (bass) and Zack Mykula (drums).

*Selected for NXNE 2010 and Canadian Music Week 2009 and 2010
*Successful tour of Ireland (July 2009), playing Cork, Galway, Dublin and Limerick with Indie Week Ireland
*Already receiving air play and press in the UK and France as a result of tour, reviewed in UK, France and Ireland
*Released new album, Coldspell mastered by George Graves (Alice Cooper, Sloan, Feist, Broken Social Scene)
*ColdSpell reached #1 on CIUT Radio’s Top 30 and made !earshot top 50 charts
*ColdSpell makes “Best EPs of ‘09” list and track “Didn’t Come Here To Love You” makes “Best songs of ‘09” list at Toronto Snob’s music.
*Recorded follow up album with Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, PJ Harvey) in October 2009 released May 14th at the Horseshoe Tavern.

"This Thunder Bay act has one speed, full forward with chugging guitar, manic keyboards, relentless drumming and the frantic vocals of Caitlin Dacey."--Lenny Stoute, Digital Journal Review of Canadian Music Week '09.

"An invigorating classic-rock spirit, hard-driving , brash rhythms, capped-off by animated keyboard playing. Caitlin’s vocals, stylistically akin to a more song-and-dance Stevie Nicks, soar above an anthemic 70’s inspired romp, complete with combustible energy and sweeping guitar solos. "--Lonely Vagabond Exclaim! Magazine, Review of The Mod Club show

"Imagine The Black Keys, with a female lead, playing music at a strip club and you begin to get a sense of the sonic collage that Bella Clava assembles. The connection between the audience and the band was strong on this night. Both sides seemed to be having fun and letting loose. And really that's what you want on a Saturday night."--Peter Kearns, TO Snob Music

"Caitlin Dacey's voice has a slightly schmoozy quality to it that is very captivating while the guitarist Steve Suttie was just one amazing solo after another. “It's Not The Band I Hate, It’s Their Fans“, Review of Horseshoe Nu Music Nite

"Bella Clava, a dark, dirty, bluesy group that is starting to make a name for themselves around town. These female-fronted rapscallions earned their buzz with a soulful and exciting performance that grabbed the attention of everyone in the joint. Pulsing, driving rhythms clobbered everyone in the vicinity, while psychedelic organ ditties and ravenous guitar solos picked us up and kept us listening. All this painted over with the eerily soothing melodies of vocalist Caitlin Dacey. Bella Clava’s set was definitely in the running for the best of the evening… Go see Bella Clava the next time you get a chance." David Stuckey, Toronto Music Scene Blog

“It wouldn’t be difficult to fall back on any number of easy ways in which to describe the beauty and magic of Bella Clava, desperate as I am to avoid revealing the simple, terrifying truth—that I have fallen in love with this record—because, quite frankly, I’ve got some intimacy issues that I need to work out. I think I’ll start by listening to ‘ColdSpell’ a few more times…. “ Tim The Impaler, Mass Movement Magazine UK

“This buzz-worthy band is just getting started. Trust. Go see them now before they become too famous and important to talk to you after a set.” Tiger Beat Socialites Blog

“Le deuxième groupe s’appelle Bella Clava, et c’est là notre coup de cœur de la soirée... Il a une certaine présence, c’est certain. Une guitare puissante et un clavier puissant, avec une voix sympa et des chœurs biens placés.", French Webzine, Review of Galway

“If there is a band that FERNTTV can put their hard on money on to blow people away with their music, it would be none other than Bella Clava. Of course there are rock bands and then there are bands who rock bands and then there are bands who rock and Bella Clava fits the latter bill. Bella Clava brings the thunder to Toronto during CMW in which the city has been hungry for for quite a long time. No need to explain what they sound like because the formula is pretty simple. Bella Clava rocks hard. What it takes years for bands to accomplish with their sound, Bella Clava has done it with ease from the start. FERNTV cannot stress any more of how this band is the one that everyone should keep their eye on.” FERNTV Canadian Music Week feature