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A Faster Now


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Sep 9, 2011


A Faster Now has been a Metal power house in the Toronto music scene since
2001. Originally formed by Terry Kulaga (guitar) Mark Carlos (drums) and
James Nunes (bass), it was only in December 2010 that vocalist Nathan Stokes
joined the band and a refined sound was born. By July 2011 they had recorded
a 7 song EP to showcase the latest incarnation of music and released a
supporting music video for the title track Fighter. This sound is driven by
the love for head banging, and the music that triggers it.

Fighter is the album that defines the growth of the band and new steps in a
direction of the Metal genre. This album represents a highly anticipated
release of the finest drum pounding, guitar shredding and vocal annihilation
Toronto has produced thus far.
Music video for Fighter: