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The Lambeth Walk
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The eagles they fly high
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London Bobby

Piano Bar, music hall

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 6, 2009


Introducing London Bobby, entertainer, born in London, England, but Canadian resident since before Trudeaumania, more at home with a grand piano but nevertheless has a digital keyboard for use in places deprived of a real piano, uses tracks and sequencers when necessary but prefers a minimalist approach, just the voice and the piano.

He is less raucous than he was in high-flying days at places like Clevelands House and the Barmaids Arms ( Yonge and Davisville in the '80s). His album Pub Party earned a Gold Record in Australia and sold 30,000 in Canada. He still retains the interest in unusual music and sardonic comedy but there is more of a laid-back piano-bar style now, probably as a result of fifteen years of cruise-ship restraint.

This is not loud, head-banging stuff, just music and humour to enjoy.

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Bob Smith
London Bobby
Tel: 905-824-6845
Cell: 416-206-8562
Skype: gorblimeylimey