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Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 8, 2012


We are a typical band that entertains to Barrooms, Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Annual Events, Casinos, etc. We play on either side of the border. Our guys are every day ordinary people, we have our day time jobs and families.

Our band is assembled from experience of playing with various bands. We all love music and have been involved with it through the love of it. We come from different communities. Glen's experience hails from playing in the city of Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. Justin has been around Fort Frances, Thunder Bay, Duluth, Minneapolis and Winnipeg. Brian the drummer, has played for various bands in Fort Frances and Thunder Bay. Mark our recent aquisition hails from Sarnia, Ontario and has played in the City of Toronto. Martin's experience extends from bands in Winnipeg, Manitoba and local acts in Fort Frances and Rainy River. Our music is rooted through our love with Country music, Rhythm and Blues, Classic rock influenced by the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Hank Williams, Stevey Ray Vaungh, Elvis Presley, and the Rolling Stones, etc. They are our pillars to our dream and love of music.