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Sarah LaCroix

Alternative Acoustic

Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
member since: Oct 27, 2010

Artist Bio:

It’s the middle of the night. She crawls out of bed and picks up her guitar and her notebook.

Often, that’s when the inspiration to write and play comes for Sarah LaCroix. “When the world is quiet, the rush of the day is gone, I can listen to my heart beat and I hear the music in my mind. I am alone with my thoughts and I can really make sense of them and put them into words.” She explains.

Though she’s been writing and singing since she was a young child, it’s only in recent years that she has learned the power of her words and really developed her skills as both a writer and a musician.

To her, it doesn’t matter what the genre of music is, but lyrics are important and she strives to write songs that make an impact and make people think. Her musical inspirations range from Sarah MacLachlan to Lady GaGa and Evanescence, with flavours of Broadway, classical and country. “The list goes on.” she laughs. “But my musical tastes vary widely, and every artist has a unique way of communicating their passion.”

Conformity and mediocrity are two concepts that terrify her. She has never been run of the mill and never wants to be. “I want to record an album with electric guitars, synthesizers, violins and piano all together. I think it would be fun to experiment and really do something different. Something that makes people do a double take. I want to be memorable.” Sarah is inspired by Elvis’ success, particularly his ability to appeal to so many people and have number one hits in multiple genres. “I love how Elvis had hits in pop, country, rock n’ roll, and gospel. I would love to do that too.”

Memorable is something she has been. Since her debut on YouTube two years ago, Sarah has built a dedicated following of fans worldwide, only growing stronger daily. Now she strives to also develop a fan base away from her computer, playing live every chance she gets.

Sarah is excited to see where her music career takes her. “No matter where I go or what I do, I will always come out on top if I follow my heart. Music is my heart with song running through my veins. I am passionate, and undeniably me. If I can inspire someone else to always chase their dreams, then I’ve done a good job.”