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Electronic House

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Sep 17, 2009


The 3 Toronto based house music producers/DJ's have set the high standard for full out live performance in Toronto and have now gone global. As one, they produce a unique visual show, and splashing gritty sounds that cover a massive range of the audio & sound spectrum. They've produced many musical scores for large companies and contract projects, but being more active in the underground scene, they've conquered mass dance floors across the city, as well as festivals & events nationwide. Jason, Alex and Trevor all DJ regularly and have become more and more passionate about playing their own music Live. After sustaining the main stage at one of Ontario's largest outdoor music festivals, they decided to head back in to the works of producing more music for albums as well as live performances.

Currently, they're constantly in and out of the studio working on an album with a release date to be set in the near future. With their constant development of new sound and new ways of making music, you can expect an exhilarating performance every time.

Weather they're in a nightclub, live venues, or on stage at festivals; very few can perform as they do and how they do: igniting the crowd and leaving them with a sustained wild impression of an electronically produced musical journey.