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  • Dulcimerhead

    Acid Folk

    GTA, Ontario, Canada
    member since: Feb 28, 2009


    "Dulcimerhead is an original, improvisational, rule-breaking, community-building indie creativity engine. Their rich blend of influences spans folk-prog rock, thrash metal and world music. When they play, people get happy."

    David Rankine plays mountain dulcimer (a stringed instrument from the Appalachian folk tradition) and Fernando Villalobos plays percussion, bringing audiences original material as well as improvised tunes. The sound is boosted with some amplification, but is heavily acoustic. They have recorded several CDs under the independent Arathusa Records label.

    Improvisational playing and a dedication to "open space" creativity has allowed the members of Dulcimerhead to create a seemingly endless string of original songs laden with beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms.

    It's a crowd-pleasing blend of progressive rock and Celtic folk, with some Persian influences. Dulcimerhead is great in any venue from a coffeehouse to a festival stage. They also have provided music for creative workshops, art gallery shows, and yoga/belly dance classes.