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Anderson - So you love her now
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Punky Reggae Rock Party

Brantford, Ontario, Canada
member since: Aug 10, 2008


It’s amazing how beneficial experience is. Take the band ANDERSON for example. In little under a year the tenured members, all from veteran punk rock bands YOUTHINASIA and SATURDAY NIGHT HEROES have wrote and self recorded/produced a professional quality album set for international release in countries like Japan, Australia and Canada. They’ve established overwhelming grassroots support by touring Canada and through the immediate acceptance of their demo single “So You Lover Her Now”, on college radio and specialty format, corporate radio shows. Ironically, the strong ANDERSON work ethic contradicts the group’s beginnings. ANDERSON was born from hot, lazy summer days, drinking beer and smoking on back porches, parks and local hideaways. Inspired by live fast die young, rock and roll evenings and I-don’t-give-a-fuck, laid back reggae afternoons, the band has a dangerous crossover appeal. Armed only with an acoustic guitar, front man Trevor Anderson, began crafting personal songs about life experience, after returning from a long and successful tour with his original band YOUTHINASIA. Unemployed and with all the time in the world, he began bouncing song ideas off of his friends in SATURDAY NIGHT HEROES, who would eventually complete the band with indie rock whiz kid Matt Gillis of OCEAN SIDE VIEW fame, on the bass. The instant chemistry that was found between these longtime friends and tenured musicians lead to one conclusion: tour. After honing an outstanding live performance the guys in ANDERSON, holed themselves away at their practice space and begun production on their self produced debut album. The record is set to drop on Dick Rawk Records in Canadian stores this July, with international release dates being worked out for fall 2008. Anderson looks forward to another long summer and anticipates laying down a lot of rubber touring and playing everywhere and anywhere to spread the rock and roll gospel. Expect an honest and heart felt performance. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself moving to the bouncing beats and belting along to the ridiculously catchy melodies.