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Hard Rock Noize


Brampton, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 30, 2008

Hard Rock Noize -Introduction

HARD ROCK NOIZE was originally intended as a "Hardcore" Metal band.In late April 2008,Guitarist/Songwriter M.G.Jones(formerly of Bentwind,Damn Nation,TNDN)began searching for the voice of his new project and found vocalist Dan Diver on-line. Dan sent Mike a vocal track of a song idea via e-mail,and Mike quickly put music to it and the result became a song called "Addiction",which immediately changed the direction of the project. Dan's strong "Classic Rock" and "Soul" sounding vocal style has brought out more of Mike's traditional Rock and Blues roots combined with Mike's current "Heavy" Metal style on 7-string guitar,creating an interesting mix of "Old School" Rock and modern Metal.Labels like "Riff Rock,or "Radio Rock" may apply but there's a Metal edge to it that makes it new and unique.The songwriting duo of M.G.Jones/D.Diver has since written and recorded demos of 10+ songs in a few short weeks,seeming to be totally "in sync" and "on the same page" with each other.This project has naturally become what it wants to be,without any pre-conceived notions.When you put all the songs together,
there is a wide parameter of influences from Classic Rock,Hard-Rock and Modern Metal.

Jones & Diver,in addtion with Bassist Dale Tudor and drummer T.B.A are currently seeking a producer,
shopping for Studio time,and planning a HARD ROCK NOIZE debut in summer 2008.....Stay tuned!