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Alternative Indie Rock

London, Ontario, Canada
member since: Apr 17, 2008


Cordcalling is an edgy rockiní duo from London, ON. After playing with various other excellent musicians, Denise and Brian Conway realized that they could reveal their creative talent best on their own. 2006, they took the leap and began writing and performing songs that would uncover their unique musical style. Since, they have been making their mark on the London, ON music scene and beyond... They recently recorded a 3-song Maxi Single, entitled "When I Scream", at EMAC Studios in London, which will soon be available for purchase on the web, in select record stores, and at Cordcalling shows. The Maxi Single includes the title track, "When I Scream", a grungy Nirvana-influenced hard-hitting rock song; "Wicked Desires", a pop-alternative catchy tune; and "Erasing", an intriguing composition that has been described as a "magical journey". Cordcalling are best known for their poetic lyrics, passionate vocals, innovative guitar work, and emotional drumming. Their unpredictable time changes and fusion of various musical styles makes their live performances beam with raw energy and their recordings contain a refreshing listen.This exciting duo embodies the undertones of their name. Cord is the spiritual bond that connects all of humanity. Calling is symbolic of Denise and Brianís belief that everyone has a purpose. Cordcallingís purpose is to express to the world, in only the way these two can, the inner cries of the the soul.