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Rants and mumbles. Games, movies, music, writer, professional somnambulist.
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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    member since: Mar 24, 2008


    Luke Sneyd is a Toronto singer-songwriter. His debut album All of Us Cities was released online in 2007 and the CD is available through CD Baby and IndiePool, and in local Toronto stores.

    Luke's debut features smart, anthemic power pop. The album was made with Toronto producer and multi-instrumentalist Marc Koecher. The two musicians first combined forces when Marc composed a soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Go, a twenty-minute serial-killer-thriller Luke wrote and produced in 2005. Their collaboration was humming soon after, Marc weaving layers of sound through Lukes carefully crafted songs. Chris Osti (Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir, The Action Mob) guested, playing bass on "The Prisoner", "Starstruck" and "Dallas". Luke laid down guitars and vocals, and Marc added keys, bass and drums throughout. The finished album is a bright, polished gem chockablock with epic alt-pop. Music blog recently called the record ready for the airwaves.

    Luke was originally the guitarist for the defunct electro-rock combo Mountain Mama (aka Rockstasy). That bands sleazy chicken-fried synth-rock was a far cry from Lukes current sound. Stepping out from under Mountain Mamas heavy-metal disco bravado, Luke was free to discover his own voice and unearth a finely honed pop sensibility. Marc and Luke sought to create an organic feel for the record, incorporating a broad range of rock, pop and new wave elements. The goal was to make a diverse album, one that didnt toe the homogenous line so prevalent in music today. Luke also wanted to delve into a more personal emotional space, exploring loss (Unknown, Promise), longing (Waiting, The Prisoner, Starstruck) and urban alienation (Hearts and Minds, All of Us Cities), not to mention deep-seated anger and indignity on the topic of George W. Bush (the fiery tracks Im the Decider and Galileo). During the writing of the record, Lukes step-mother, aunt and mother all died in the space of a year. The ensuing grief and loneliness provided a backdrop for much of the music that would emerge on All of Us Cities.

    An early demo of lead single "The Prisoner" was a finalist in the 2006/07 Unisong International Songwriting Contest. "Waiting" was included on California-based No Cover Magazine's Groupies Suck Vol. 10 Compilation, and the magazine called Luke an amazing unsigned artist. On the strength of his video for The Prisoner, he and his band won out over 500 bands for a spot in the Great Canadian Band Challenge put on by In September 2007, Lukes band then challenged against five other acts for $25,000 and a deal with Universal. The contest was only their second gig, scant days after their first. They didnt win, but Luke served notice he was a talent to watch.

    Luke has now formed his own artist label (Mannequin Phono) and hes gigging with his brilliant band in Toronto and the surrounding area.