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darren eedens

folk/ folk rock/ indie

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Mar 24, 2008


Give a child with an over active imagination, a tendency to bend the truth, and a love of story telling a six stringed instrument and your bound to get some form of folky sounds. Upbeat rhythmic playing and unique vocal stylings to create a sound of his own in a genre older than dirt. Enter darren eedens... relatively new to the underground folk songwriter circuit, he has just released his first album titled OWLS; AND OTHER BIRDS OF PREY. Putting every dollar earned into rent, food and music, darren is looking to expand his fanbase by bringing a show to a venue near you. He is also looking for other musicians to put on shows with in hopes to support one another, and is currently on TOUR with EMM GRYNER. With nothing more important on his mind than getting out there and playing for his next meal darren calls on the help of friends to form a backup band to give a full sound and accent the details. He doesnt always talk about himself like he is not in the same room... just for myspace bios. CONTACT DARRENEEDENS@GMAIL.COM FOR BOOKING AND LONG CONVERSATIONS ABOUT SMALL GAS POWERED M