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Dirt Farmer

alt rock/pop

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 11, 2007


Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Dirt Farmer is the songwriting duo of Scott Cryer and Rob Macdonald who along with their de facto third member, studio master Wayne Lorenz, have been churning out highly original songs since the late 80's to considerable critical acclaim. The pair started out as Two Thirds Water with a string of edgy pop albums and alternative radio play along with sharing the stage with such luminaries as the Barenaked Ladies and Wild Strawberries as winners of the CFNY Great Ontario Talent search in 1990. Their tunes are at times dark and surreal and at times the quintessence of pop songwriting in the best traditions of Elliott Smith, Frank Black and the Cure. Their music has a sometime soundtrack feel to it and accordingly has been featured by the CBC as background music to a successful nationally televised documentary. Although artists with a largely rock/alternative sound, they are versatile enough to have been favorably reviewed in Nashville for some of their alt country tunes. They owe a large degree of success for their sound over the last 6 albums to the studio prowess of Lorenz, who is a highly successful, brilliant and somewhat eccentric producer. Since the winter of 2006, Dirt Farmer has entered into a collaboration with Lawrance Artist Management of Aurora, Ontario to explore publishing and film license opportunities for their work.