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Autumn Hill

Pop Rock

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 22, 2007


Autumn Hill was started in July of 2005 by brothers Michael and Ryan Evans. Due to an a box of Altoids and a trip to Europe, the brothers were hanging out a lot that summer. Michael had been singing for years in various bands, and Ryan had been playing guitar for a little while as well, so naturally they began to jam, which lead to writing eight songs and recording a demo all in the amazingly fast span of three weeks. By October, Michael and Ryan already put together a band of session musicians and played live at the Reverb. They also played several accoustic shows at Holy Joes and The El Mocambo. In the spring of 2006 they performed live on a local TV station and received a great response. Ultimately, Cole, Ryan's long-time friend joined the band as a second guitarist. In May of 2006 Michael, Ryan and Cole went into a studio to record the first official Autumn Hill album - "Go On Your Way". Producer Jeff Eden played drums and bass on the record. Jeff also played drums for the band at "The Rivoli" in May. Ryan Gertzbain was asked to play bass with Autumn Hill in May of 2006. He joined them on their second live performance on the local TV station. Michael and Ryan G. knew eachother before from Paragon - the band competition that Michael runs with his partner Lital Rotman. Michael heard and saw that Ryan was a very talented bass player and was extremely excited to have him join the band. Jason Goldlist joined the band just as they were about to begin recording their new EP. The band needed a drummer and was going to audition several people; however, in a twist of fate, Jason came into the studio as a replacement for the drummer the band had been practicing with and he nailed the songs in virtually in one take although he had not practiced them before. He impressed the producer - Norm Sabourin - who said some hired session drummers would not have been able to do a better job. Most importantly, he impressed the band immediately, and earned himself the title of Autumn Hill's first official drummer. On December 9th Autumn Hill performed live for the first time as a full band. They sold over 250 tickets between them and got the opening slot for the band Zygote who has been floating around the Toronto music scene for the past thirteen years. Zygote is a very popular and influential band in the Thornhill/Forest Hill band scene that influenced bassist Ryan Gertzbain and guitarist Ryan Evans. The band was delighted at the opportunity and was received with great acclaim by the audience at Viva Night Club in Thornhill. After their set, some audience members at the front kept chanting their name and hoping for more. On February 10th, Autumn Hill will be performing as a full band for the second time at the Opera House opening up for Vanity Falls, another great band. The EP "Ouroboros and the World Egg" will be coming out next month just in time for this show. The making of the EP has been a great experience. They say a producer can make or break a record, and this certainly is the case. Norm Sabourin is a true artist and perfectionist who went above and beyond to make Autumn Hill 5 song EP radio-ready. Autumn Hill has found a life-long friend and producer in Norm. The EP is currently being mastered at Laquer Channel, the place where Joshua Tree by U2 was mastered.