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Goin' Home
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m3uthis is a song of reclamation..the idea that all of our mistakes and misdeeds can be overcome by just deciding to 'Go Home'ADD
Beyond The Pale
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m3uThe pale was, in Ireland, that place where English rule existed.ADD
The Sign
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m3ui have used th judeo/christian symbol of the 'feminine aspect' to metaphorically express the addictive nature of temptation.ADD
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m3ua Scottish tale of the clearances when the lords evicted the peasantry off of their lands in order to hold larger estates.ADD
The Ballad Of Nat Turner
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m3uin 1831 Nat Turner, a slave preacher, led a revolt in southern Virginia.ADD
In My Lover's Arms
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m3uinfluenced by Alfred Noyses' poem 'The Highwayman'ADD
Lament For Kaite
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m3uDuring the Irish potato famine many men left home for England/Wales to work in the mines. Many never saw their homes or familiesADD
Where Only Strangers Meet
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m3uwatch people..they rarely look you in the eyes...too bad!! ...that's where love is...ADD
Days Gone By
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m3uthe files in our minds hold all of our Days Gone By..........ADD
Leave The Key
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m3ueven the ghosts of happiness dont live here any more....ADD
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m3uwhen ' I'm sorry' was not enough i wrote this songADD
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Lonnie Glass


Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 30, 2006


I have been a Bass Player for the past 35 years in many rock bands throughout Ontario...have toured extensively. across Canada 3 times, 47 Eastern Canadian tours, USA for 5 years from Alaska to Florida, New Mexico to Maine and everything in between, 4 tours in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia. Began playing acoustic about 5 or 6 years ago and have been writing ever since...My style incorporates some bluesy influences as well as Celtic references...due mainly to a collaboration with Virginia poet Norman Ball...
i would say that "it's the singer, not the song" applies very well here...the vocals are what first strikes you...performance is also a key element to my scene...i love to talk to the audience and bring them inside the stories...although the CD was recorded with many fine players( cello, organ, piano, drums, bg's, harmonica etc) i am essentially a solo artist...