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Chelsea Blue

Pop Rock

Dunnville, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jan 10, 2006


Hey, I'm Chelsea Blue! I'm 15, I have long curly blonde hair, I'm into the arts (music, drama, and art), I'm an honor-role student at school, and I like to read. I write all my songs, sing, and play piano-by ear, not sheet music-and I've been doing so since I was very young. I am currently recording more songs at home in my own personal studio. I love to write about a variety of stuff and experiment with different styles of music-I'm not stuck on one particular genre. Earlier this year, I released a self-titled EP. If you want to check it out, go to I just got a new Korg top-of-the-line keyboard so listen for some new sounds! Music has been and always will be my passion!