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Bri-anne Swan

Folk Roots

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Dec 9, 2005


Always soulful, sweet and sassy by turns, Swan captivates with her originals and brings new life to classic covers.
~Gary 17, editor TO-Nite Magazine

Brianne has not only amazed me with her insight, but her angelic voice and wonderful songs let you know that she is just full of magic."
~Valentino Assenza, Columnist

Her beauty is deep. It comes through her vision and through her music. Songs that call forth social justice, individual spirituality, and love for all humankind. This is a singer/songwriter that has a rich voice and words to match her musical cadense.
~Noman Cristofoli, Co-Founder

Bri-anne has been in the music scene in the Toronto and Muskoka areas for about six years, headlining at events such as the North Simcoe Children's Festival des Enfants, Mundy Bay Folk Society Caleigh's, opening for Tanglefoot and performing at various restaurants, weddings and charitable events. This summer, Bri-anne organized and headlined the second annual "Friends for Friends" concert in support of the Coldwater Community Outreach Centre, an establishment for youth and young people in the local Medonte and Severn Communities.

Bri-anne grew up without a musical niche. When she wanted to sing Patsy Cline her father would tell her that her voice was just too classical. So, when she tried to sing arias with the classical folk, she was told to join the folkies. When she picked up the guitar and started to strum along to John Prine, she was told she was just too "Broadway" to fit it. Thoroughly traumatized, Bri-anne usually sings by herself and writes her own songs simply as a justification for her existence.

Bri-anne endorses BandAid brand bandages and thinks that the world would be a better place if only it were a benevolent dictatorship. The world is run by such a nasty group of people. It's time somebody nice took over for a while. She refuses to comment on who the benevolent leader should be.

In her spare time, she likes to forget when her university papers are due, especailly the ones that count for more than 1/3 of her final grade, and write them all in one night - usually the night before they're to be handed in. She also gets a kick out of drafting pro/con spread sheets on her computer about such questions as "Should I paint my room red?", "Would peanut butter go with this?" and "If I were a woodchuck, how much wood would it make sense to chuck, keeping in mind the current national forestry crisis and economic battle with the United States?" She enjoys spending time in bubble baths, listening to her record player that has no speakers, and training her cat Solomon to play percussion since she's too poor to hire a drummer for gigs