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At This Moment
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m3uA little something with the vocals recorded right off the floor in my sunroom at home... a Tribute to One Hit Wonder Billy Vera!ADD
Just The Way You Are
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m3uJust a little something else with live floor vocals and some pre-recorded tracks...ADD
Wheat Kings
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m3uMe, my guitar, and the sun flowing in the windows of my music room... it's raw, but it's me!ADD
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Greg Barry

Entertainer of Sorts, and one half of the Party Duo "Trip Doubt"!!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Aug 19, 2005


Greg Barry is ultimately and definitively an "Entertainer of Sorts". Having used this tag as a handle for the last 5 years, his performing experience has covered the gammut of the entertainment industry. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a double major in Music and Theatre, Greg has entertained crowds in almost every venue imaginable. Classically trained, the musical range covers Opera, Jazz, Pop-Rock and Musical Theatre Repertoire. Add to that his experience on film, television, commercials, stage, and both improvisational and stand up comedy, and you ultimately experience a musical act on speed!

Trip Doubt is the latest incarnation that keeps Greg on stage. Partnering with fellow Pro Musician Daniel Speck, the two incorporate rich harmonies, strong guitar, and powerhouse vocals along with serious audience interaction to create one of the most energetic shows around. A Website revision is in the works, and as promo shots and audio samples are put together, plenty of opportunity to sample their work will shortly become available. You can see a full list of artists whose material we cover by clicking on the "biography" page! Without question, this duo's success lies in its innate ability to interact successfully with a crowd; ANY crowd. Stage presence is absolute. Go ahead, sit down front. We dare you....