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Donkey Punch

Rock Funk/Blues

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
member since: Jun 10, 2005


Donkey Punch takes a stripped down approach to songwriting, A blend or organic sounding guitars mixed with catchy lyrical hooks, the DP deliver a mix of rock/root music that has never left and audience sitting down. Tempering their infectious sound over the past few years, this band has erupted from the Ottawa Indie scene and is moving with the momentum of a cannonball. Having playing well over 100 live shows since their inception in 2004 DonkeyPunch have enjoyed glowing press coverage in major print media, radio and local TV. DP’s highly anticipated debut EP, “Yellow and Black” is in production, slated for release January 2006

• With sophisticated yet catchy-as-hell songwriting and tight arrangements, Donkey Punch is an act not to be missed. There might be something wrong with you if you don't want to listen to the CD over and over so you can sing along at the next show. They're a little bit funk, a little bit blues, a little bit rock and a lot of fun.- Carly Beath, Arts & Entertainment Editor at The Cord Weekly, and a programmer at CKMS 100.3 FM, Radio Waterloo

• “Since I have yet to locate my jacket with gloves I'm going to assume that when the faces were melting to an extreme degree my jacket also liquified and became soaked up in the janitor's mop. I had an awesome time at the show! It was a rock experience to never forget. I really wish I would have brought a sponge mop with me because my face melted. It was such an insanely awesome night”. – Tim Pelow aka Randy the CU Raven after performing at CU Froshweek