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word People

Rnb/Hip Hop

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 26, 2005


*wordPEOPLE (noun): 1) A seven piece collective whose compounding interest is to keep things bouncing like bad cheques. 2) A crew incapable of lie-abilities, known for shaking assets.

Sometimes timing is everything. Driven by the common objective to assemble an all-live manifestation of a love for beats, rhymes and life, wordPEOPLE was formed in summer of 2003.

The band’s desire to record the material that had matured in front of live audiences materialized when 91.5fm The Beat hosted the “Rhythm of the Future Showcase” in Kitchener, Ontario. An outstanding performance of original music earned wordPEOPLE first prize in the group performance category and $18, 000 in studio time. The resulting recording, a five song EP entitled Vol. 1: PLAYONWORDS, musically and thematically fulfills the emcee’s lyrical declaration; it is a mix of “the physical and digital, the sensible and whimsical”. With current online distribution through Maple Music, wordPEOPLE is poised to continue the soul mission to make music that satisfies the mind and body.

The first single, Foolin Yourself, enjoys regular airplay on both commercial and campus radio stations. Foolin Yourself peaked on the request-based “Top 9 at 9 Countdown” at the number two position on 91.5fm The Beat in the South Western Ontario region.

Comprised of like-minded music enthusiasts and innovators, wordPEOPLE is: emcee johannPEOPLE, vocalist melissaPEOPLE, guitarist benPEOPLE, bassist davePEOPLE, drummer noelPEOPLE, saxman andrewPEOPLE, and turntablist dmsPEOPLE.

Their not-to-be-missed live performance of original music is tastefully laced with renditions of songs by influential artists ranging from Marvin Gaye to The Lovin’ Spoonful, as well as a few surprise hip-hop classics. Just like your favourite old LPs, these grooves keep thePEOPLE on the dance floor.

wordPEOPLE’s positive vibe and live instrumentation is at the heart of their ability to entertain audiences of all ages and musical interests. wordPEOPLE has garnered the attention of festival promoters, propelling the act into the public eye at such events as the Nike“Who Runs This Town?” rock festival in spring of 2005. In the same year wordPEOPLE was well received at the 2005 Oakville Jazz Festival, where festival-goers eagerly embraced the contemporary urban sounds alongside a line-up of traditional jazz ensembles. More recent dates have seen wordPEOPLE share the stage with God Made Me Funky, Mr. Something Something, Ike Turner, The Pocket Dwellers, K'naan, Sekoya and Nick Ali's GruvAsylum. Amidst plans of future recordings and touring, wordPEOPLE continues to perform for steadily increasing and receptive crowds, proudly delivering carefully crafted Canadian hip-hop.