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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 26, 2005


It has been three years since the members of Boswalos first left their warm beds in Newfoundland and spread out across the globe in search of something real. Real being their music. Despite having played in bands throughout their lives with revolving door line-ups, unemotional songs, and with go-no-where feelings, Boswalos would eventually form following the arrival to Toronto of founding members, brother’s David and Paul Alexander, after a no-go trip in England. Shortly after they would meet up with an old rival, guitarist Jason “Hodd” Hoddinott, and gain another member. Eventually drummer Dave Joyce, who had played with Hodd in previous years, would surrender to the pressure from the 3 and complete the four piece. The two years since can be viewed as a “musical revelation”. The Brit sound that so many of us love is everywhere - the smell, the taste, the sound. Combined with the new indie sound, it can be said that Boswalos takes the best of yesterday and what is beautiful today.

Playing to rooms of crowded strangers would eventually turn into more and more strangers…with familiar faces. Developing a live show would take hold of the band and become a drug. Is it true you can have too much of a good thing? Boswalos would play some of their most memorable shows during their exploration from city to city, from their familiar Toronto venue Lee’s Palace, to jumping off stage at Red’s Entertainment Complex in Edmonton, and their most memorable show at legendary CBGB’s in New York City. After playing circuits in much of Canada and the occasional US show, Boswalos took the time to nurture a seed that was beginning to sprout, getting back into writing. With the song “Under Black Lights” finished, the band would start to feel a change in the atmosphere. “Seconds” would be penned from conversations with an ex-drug addict. And the song “I am One”, a song that had always lingered, would finally come together to feel like it always existed. No one tried to explain it, but instead let the wave wash over and allow themselves to be crushed underneath. But after spending enough time underwater, the band felt it was time to come up for air. Pop music is like the weather, it always keeps changing so you can wait for that one good day, or go out and play in the rain.

For their debut EP release simply titled “Boswalos”, they met with someone who gave them some shelter. Ryan A. Mills has worked with big acts similar to their style of music and relieved the pressures of watching the clock. With this relationship, they took the time to do it right and finally found an engineer who would help the band achieve the sound they wanted. Boswalos took the live approach as opposed to individually tracking their instruments. In essence, the record came back sounding alive, raw, and organic...which was the desired result. And all recorded during one of the hottest summers on record…with no air-conditioning.

The Boswalos EP is released. Gigs pick up, emails pour in, and interests are peaked. The time spent recording would eventually seem more like preparation as the band begins to capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere, and the addiction begins to kick in.