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The Pocket Co.

Rock n' Soul

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 13, 2005


Known for its songwriting and the high caliber of musicianship, the Pocket Co. will also launch into virtuoso covers of old Bill Withers, funked up Hendrix, and Sly and the Family Stone. Sometimes as many as eight musicians are on stage building a groove and their knack for extended improvisation and spontaneity has helped to build a growing reputation for them on the Toronto scene, where they have played such clubs as the Cameron, C'est What, and the legendary Horseshoe Tavern.

Singer/songwriter Jason Chesworth, fronts the band, laying down scorching psychedelic guitar riffs and wry blues inflected vocals over the heavy bass and drum groove of Mike Meusel and Graydon James III. And to that the spaced out and funked up electrics of Medland on keyboards, and the smoking B-3 sounds of Jim Chesworth and the ethereal vocals of the gorgeous and talented Kim Sneath and Leah Oster, and you have a gumbo of old rock meets new groove.

The bands six song demo got them radio play in Canada, Europe and as far away as Tasmania, but it's their recent full length cd/dvd project that they are most excited about.

We spent a week in my barn just off third ave, recording the bed tracks, it has an unbelievable acoustic, says Medland.

At the same time Awake Productions, a Toronto documentary film company was following them around recording the struggles of a young band trying to break out. The filmmakers caught the band on tape as they played, partied, argued, found inspiration, got lost, and passed out over the five day 24 hour recording session/ party. The session ended when eight other young bands from Toronto, and their fans converged on Logan?s barn and played all day and all night in one mother of a party/concert/jam session just before Labour day.

Suprisingly, a month later in the cold, sober light of day, the tracks sound amazing, says Chesworth. We got what we wanted, something that I think recordings are missing right now, and its the spontaneity, the freshness of really talented musicians interacting in the moment.