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Kris Ward

Pop Rock

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
member since: Apr 10, 2005


Philosophers are able to look at the world differently. Sometimes their views change on a daily basis and they turn their life around on a dime. Kris Ward, an Ottawa-born singer/songwriter, did just that. Something as simple as a music video was able to permeate the rough skin of a then-teenager and convince him to pick up the guitar and look at the world through new eyes and with a new purpose - do something with your life that you will love to do every minute of every day - he chose to take the route of 'musician'.

In a country over-saturated with crunch-rock and stenciled lyrics, Ward's headphones travelled across the pond to the UK where he stumbled upon bands such as Oasis, the Stereophonics, and the Verve - bands that had figuratively written the book on modern-brit rock. Taking notes and writing lines, Ward took the brilliant melodies, ringing guitars, and pounding drums with him back across the water and into his own world he had now created.

For the past 8 years, Kris has toiled through the Ottawa music scene, bridging the gap between british rock and indie rock and proving that there is more to this city's music scene than punk and the aforementioned overly-alternative scene. Working with criticially-acclaimed producer Dave Draves (Kathleen Edwards, Jim Bryson, Kepler) at Little Bullhorn Productions, Ward has created an album that could not only turn his life around on a dime, but the way the entire country views Canadian music. The record, entitled "Why Is Everybody, Anybody?", is filled with 10 popping tracks, and is set for independent release in the summer of 2005.