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Doron Zor's Poetic Justice

Modern Classical

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Apr 1, 2005


Doron Zor's Poetic Justice was originated by Doron Zor in 2002 but only in 2003 the search for young, talented, ambitious members was complete. All members have a strong sense of musical excellence and superior skills in their respective instruments.

Doron Zor is a modern classical guitarist which incorporates the vibrato and the feel of a violin on to an electric guitar. Strongly influenced by the likes of Vivaldi, Paganini and Mozart. The other instruments that counterpoint the guitar melodies are bass, violins, percussion, piano and various other instruments.

The band is currently working on the latest repertoire and is ready to come out strong and leave a lasting impression in listeners' hearts.

Doron Zor's Poetic Justice is:

Doron Zor - Frontline guitar and composer
Ariel Pekel - Bass guitar
Maia Broido - Violin
Alyssa Delbaere Sawchuk - Viola
Ilia Uretsky - Backline guitar