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Oklahoma Bomb Squad


Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 28, 2005


Agressive, emotional, and self-reliant, Oklahoma Bomb Squad has spent most of it's time fighting the evils of corporate pop. The Toronto based band epitomises the concept of the underdog who refuses to lie down and die. "They'll NEVER make us stop".

Oklahoma Bomb Squad is currently supporting their latest March '05 release "Still Alive" with shows in and around the Toronto area. Also released this past March in Europe by Cargo Records was a Ramones Tribute album the band was asked to be apart of. The song chosen by the band to record was a version of Bobby Freemans "Do You Wanna Dance", a song the Ramones covered and made their own.

To date, the band has recorded the following four CD's; "Still Alive": - 2004, "Soundtrack to the Apocalypse": part 2 - 2002, "Soundtrack to the Apocalypse" part 1 - 1999, and "Just Watch Me" - 1996. Like a well oiled machine, OBS is continuing to write new material and recording whenever possible.

Oklahoma Bomb Squad's performances are loud, aggresive, and fun to dance to. Fan's continue to come and experiece the great live act this bombshell of a quartet puts forth. Together now for 10 years strong and will never stop. They will never lay down and die.