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Pop Rock

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 27, 2005


Elvyn was originally formed in Peterborough, Ontario (Canada) and has been delivering fantastic well crafted and perfect Pop songs since 1998 to present.

If you were trying to find the Elvyn boys right now, you would find them in some dingy little bar or club singing and playing there hearts out. It wasn't always like that however. Joel & Ryan Beerman (Co-founders of the group & real brothers) never really intended to ever perform or play the music they were creating, they originally just wanted to play and record a bunch of songs together on their co-owned fostex 4 track in their parents basement. After they had finished an 11 song demo tape, they hit the playback button. The songs were well written, catchy and just plain good tunes. There was no doubt, these songs needed to be played live. After a few months of rehearsing together as a duo, it became evident that the songs would be better suited for a full band set-up.

By the end of 1998 they had recruited Bass player Jason O'Reily to help round out there sound. After months of rehearsals they began playing the songs live and also released a three song demo Cd entitled "As Dark as it is" which would tie them over until they had time and money to record a full length album. The rest is the start of 2000 they recruited Dean O'Reily (Jason's brother) for the role of rythym guitarist (who would later be replaced by a new rythym guitarist Jeremy Knibbs in September of 2004).

In 2002 they recorded and released their first full length album entitled "Ten Car Stereo", which was well received by newspapers and college radio stations across Canada. With Ten car stereo accomplished they followed up with non-stop shows which would include a Canadian East coast tour.

A new EP from the band is now availbale, entitled "The Big Bay".....The new album promises a slightly different side of Elvyn. Leaning more than ever, towards a Country/Roots sound, with tasty Beach Boy harmonies underlying each track.

(Visit: to purchase the new EP)

See you out there.