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Hungry Monkey


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
member since: Feb 26, 2005


We are Hungry Monkey, and we want to play music and just have fun.
We want you to have fun listening and dancing to the music we play. Period.

Hungry Monkey is primarily a rock cover band, playing the best of classic and alternative rock, with strong originals to round out the mix. The band is an eclectic mix of strong personalities, which is reflected in the varied material, which covers your favorites from the 60's right up to the latest mega-hit on the radio. The originals are strong and down-right catchy, the rhythms and lyrics will stick with you after the music has subsided.

Our band features amazing lead and backup vocals, accompanied by great music and a great mix - all of which together defines that Hungry Monkey sound you'll want to hear again and again. So if you like classic & modern rock and you like dancing, you will love Hungry Monkey. Come experience Hungry Monkey at our next gig and remember why you love live bands, great music and just having fun.