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Ronn James & Company

Classic Rock/ Pop

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
member since: May 21, 2004



Thanks for taking the time to read the blog on the band. Well sort of the band….’cause it’s pretty much me, my guitar and the coolest sounding back up players and singers that you have ever heard.

I have done it all as a solo. Acoustic guy on the stool playing that folky, camp fire tune that no one really remembers all the words to, then to a version of the original song accompanied by F.R.E.D. (Friggin Ridiculous Electronic Drummer). Hey, I apologized to all the real talented peeps out there that can really play drums.

Next was Razzbarry Jam; A very kool acoustic duo that went terribly wrong every night to the delight of the foolish people willing to be harassed and cajoled into playing the audience. Fun? You betcha!

The band on tape version was the next evolution with computerized instruments playing the original scores and hoping like hell you thought it was the real deal. Good, not great ever.

And now… a fully sequenced show with the real instruments played by real musicians who don’t play music, they feel it. The choir of background singers comes to life to make each song truly an enjoyable experience. Couple this with my selection of tunes that are truly the tapestry of the 60’s/70’s/ 80’s and well, right up ‘til now with radio hits being added in regularly, it’s a surprising full show with an even more surprising live sound.

Thanks for checking me out, hope to see you soon…

Ronn James, Musician