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The Joys

Power Pop

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Mar 10, 2004


How do you name a musical explosion? A merging of influences and energy so combustible, it’s indescribable? You could start by calling it The Joys…

Rising from the ashes of London, Ontario based band POPJOY, this four-piece group mixes many musical influences, resulting in a sound that is both contemporary and classic in its origins. One thing is certain, it’s all served up with heaping doses of energy. A live Joys show is a sight to be seen…and heard. Led by the dynamic whirlwind of lead vocalist Sarah Smith on vocals/guitar, the onslaught of excitement and fun never ceases for the entire performance. Backed by long-time song-writing partner Mike McKyes on lead guitar and the pounding rhythm section of Shawn Smith and Glen “Archie” Gamble, the band is a veritable rock and roll party waiting to happen.

With over 200 live shows a year, as well as a busy writing/recording schedule, The Joys live and breathe music. This dedication has led them to win Pop/Rock Artist of the Year at both the 2004 AND 2005 London Music Awards. Along with a nomination for Entertainer of the Year at the 2004 COCA Awards. With a loyal fan-base that spreads from bars and nightclubs, to college/university campuses, high schools and beyond it’s no wonder The Joys have lined up endorsements and sponsorships with such prestigious companies as GSUS Clothing, Sabian Cymbals, Fabutan and more. With indie CD sales approaching 10,000 units, and songs being placed in movie soundtracks and winning online awards, the future looks bright for The Joys.