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Mr. Something Something

afro-jazz/funk dance contraption

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
member since: Dec 10, 2003


A little something for the body. A little something for the mind.
Mr. Something Something formed in 2003 and are already performing several times a month in clubs and at festivals. Bookings continue to roll in as people, at first curious, make a point of approaching the band after shows to say they've never heard anything like it, what is it, and when's the next show?

The grooves have West African roots, with breaks and basslines designed to induce and sustain a state of ecstatic dancing. The horn section strikes with power and uplifts with melody, leading the dancers through extended forms. Above it all, acting as a lightning-rod for the combined energies of a Mr. Something Something event is the lyric statement of the case for change and consciousness. And dance.